La Fraisne
for soprano, loop pedal, and finger cymbals

written 2013
performers Mellissa Hughes
score La Fraisne.pdf


For I was a gaunt, grave councillor,
Being in all things wise, and very old;
But I have put aside this folly and the cold
That old age weareth for a cloak.

I was quite strong - at least they said so -
The young men at the sword-play;
But I have put aside this folly, being gay
In another fashion that more suiteth me.

I have curled mid the boles of the ash wood,
I have hidden my face where the oak
Spread his leaves over me, and the yoke
Of the old ways of men have I cast aside.

By the still pool of Mar-nan-otha
Have I found me a bride
That was a dog-wood tree some syne.
She hath called me from mine old ways;
She hath hushed my rancor of council,
Bidding me praise

Naught but the wind that flutters in the leaves.

I like one little band of winds that blow
In the ash trees here:
For we are quite alone,
Here mid the ash trees.

- Ezra Pound